MSSU Field House

MSSU Field House

In 2013, the Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) Foundation secured alumni donations for design and construction of an $8mil Stadium Field House complex.  The new North End Zone facility houses Athletic Dept. staff, Locker/Weight/Training room facilities, and Alumni Banquet space.  The 2 story building allows direct access to the Football field and track and screens the view of the field from Duquesne Road.

MSSU selected RE Smith Construction to provide project CM at risk services, SAPP Design Associates (Project Architect) and SAE to provide Site/Civil Design services.  Development of construction Plans and Technical Specifications are complete, and the End Zone facility is under construction.  Work is scheduled for completion for the Fall 2015 Football Season.

The Site/Civil design aspects of this project that were developed by Small Arrow Engineering include expansion of Stadium parking in the west lot around the new  Field House for a net gain of 40 spaces. Pedestrian access was also developed to allow direct access to the existing crosswalk at the Duquesne Road and Stadium Drive traffic signal.

A critical design element was to control and slow discharge of stormwater into the existing collection system under the Stadium playing surface. The playing surface is scheduled for installation of a Field Turf System; the new stormwater detention basin has been sized to manage a 500 year storm event, with an emergency spillway flowing northwest to the Newman and Duquesne Road intersection.  The basin also allows for the full development of the present upstream open parcels of land by MSSU in the future.

Additional design elements include site grading for balanced earthwork, a gravity sewer extension along the east side of Duquesne Road and Stadium west parking lot, underground electric, telephone, fiber optic communication systems relocations, water supply and fire protection systems extensions, field level and upper level pedestrian access plazas, and temporary erosion control plans with land disturbance and SWPPP permits for EPA requirements.  Finally, SAE coordinated geotechnical investigations with Palmerton and Parrish to establish subsurface bedrock elevations, prepared point control/layout files for stakeout of improvements and opinions of anticipated construction costs for the CM and the Owner.

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