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Small Arrow Engineering, LLC (SAE) is located in Joplin, Missouri at 1302 S. Main Street and was established in April 2010. SAE is a professional service provider that utilizes a team approach to deliver a full range of services in civil engineering, utility engineering and natural gas systems design. The goal of SAE is to design public and private infrastructure systems that provide practical, cost effective solutions. SAE was formed specifically to provide superior services to public, private and Native American clients. SAE is a small and flexible firm that adapts quickly to changes in project scope. SAE strives to establish positive client relationships that will result in repeat business.

Small Arrow Engineering forms partnerships with other proven teams to complete routine or complex project designs. SAE’s network of teaming relationships allows for the right mix of experience to be brought to a project. This results in the most effective design team capable of meeting the client’s needs on a specific assignment, without the “red tape” and overheads of a large consulting firm.

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John H. Bolte, PE

Troy E. Dunlap

Jeffery E. Lewis, PE